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Howdy, I'm Simba!

My first family had to move when I was just a puppy, and I was left in a friend's yard. There, all alone, I gradually went nearly blind from juvenile cataracts and then my retinas detached.  Now I only can see a little out of one eye. I was all by myself in the yard, so I invented a digging game where I dig and then listen for where the dirt falls. It's the only way I had to amuse myself. 
The family whose yard I was in got tired of having me there, and brought me to the vet to have me put down. The vet took me in, half bald and covered in fleas, heartworm positive, and nearly blind.  
I've been treated for heartworms, neutered, and you can see my hair has regrown beautifully.  The ophthalmologist says they can do surgery to help keep my retinas from detaching the rest of the way, so I may be able to keep what vision I have, and the wonderful people at WAGS will help my forever family fund the procedure. 
My foster family had new puppy and two other dogs, with wh…

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